Biography of Spike Milligan

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Birth name Terence Alan Patrick Sean Milligan. Adopted the nickname Spike in his teens.
Born 16th April, 1918, Ahmadnagar, India (120 miles east of Bombay). 
Died on 27th February, 2002, at his home, near Rye, East Sussex, UK.
According to Spike's self-written obituary, written in 1990, when he grew up he wrote the Goon Show and died. He actually lived another twelve years.

Terence (Spike) Milligan was born in India to Irish parents, Leo and Florence (Flo) Milligan.
Leo was a British Army captain, who due to his keen interest in show business, won the reputation of "Soldier Showman of India". Flo was involved in show business too, and both she and Leo sang and acted in variety shows that they wrote. Some of this must have rubbed off on young Terry, considering his later career choices. Also a big influence was daily immersion in the sights and sounds of exotic India, not that schooling in a Roman Catholic convent in could be considered very exotic, even if situated in Poona.

The story of how Spike's parents came to be living in India is probably typical. In the early part of the 20th Century, economic conditions in southern Ireland were so bad that the British Army's offer of a job (which turned out to be one of protecting the Empire in India) was one that Leo could not afford to pass up. At that time southern Ireland was under British rule, so that when Spike was born in India, the passport he obtained was a British one. Laws were later amended, which eventually led to Spike losing his British passport. The only way that he could regain it was to swear the Oath of Allegiance, which he refused to do on the grounds of  his service to King and country in WWII. Spike subsequently became an Irish citizen, but maintained his British residency. But this is jumping ahead in the story.

On Leo Milligan's discharge from the army in 1935, the family returned to Britain, and lived in south east London. It was now a do-it-yourself sort of life, as one of the major perks of the Raj, namely house servants, was absent. After a final short stint in school, Terry worked at various mundane jobs before turning towards a more successful career in show business. Thinking first to develop a career as a musician, Terence Milligan's skills with the trumpet quickly earned him the nickname of "Spike", after Spike Jones, and got him work with all of the S.E. London bands. Then along came what was arguably the biggest life-shaping event in Spike's life, the war with Germany, which rapidly escalated into WWII.

It was in North Africa, during WWII, as Gunner Milligan, 954024, that Spike first met Harry Secombe. The circumstances of their meeting were only narrowly non-fatal. Milligan's 25-pounder gun jumped out of its placement due to recoil, and ran down the hill narrowly missing another gun unit. Spike went down the hill and asked, "Has anyone seen a gun?" One of the men in the other gun unit said, "What colour?" It was Harry Secombe. 

During the final stages of the war in Italy Spike and Harry met again while working as comedians in the Combined Services Entertainment unit. It was around about this time that Spike also began a stint in the Bill Hall Trio, whose successful mix of both music and slapstick comedy helped bring Spike's interest in comedy to the fore. Spike earned 75 a week with the Bill Hall Trio, which was very good money in those days. Probably quite aware of Spike's great talent for comedy and music, the other two thirds of the Bill Hall Trio were very distraught when Spike left to pursue new pastures of comedy. 

Spike's career as comedy script writer took off when he was introduced by Harry Secombe to Jimmy Grafton. Grafton, sometime comedy script writer for the BBC, was proprietor of The Grafton Arms hostelry, Victoria, where anyone who was anyone congregated: producers, script writers, performers, and various hangers-on. Spike persuaded Jimmy Grafton to let him help behind the bar, and Grafton in return gave Spike lodgings in the pub's unfurnished attic. Jimmy soon noticed Spike's natural (but as yet undeveloped) talent for writing comedy, and set about giving Spike the help he needed to become an independent and very successful writer of such material. 

The convivial atmosphere of The Grafton Arms, or just Graftons, as it was usually called, provided just the right catalyst to ignite a mixture of new ideas about comedy, and soon led to the formation of The Goon Club. Membership of this informal group included Milligan, Harry Secombe, Michael Bentine, Peter Sellers, Alfred Marks and others. Spike's big career breakthrough occurred when Jimmy Grafton and others persuaded the BBC to let Milligan, Secombe, Sellers, and Bentine "Go-on" the radio as Those Crazy People, shortly afterwards to be renamed the Goons' own preferred title, The Goon Show

Ever concerned about the underdog, Spike's comedy writing tried to ease the burden of the down-trodden classes by knocking and lampooning the pompous and the self-important. Favourite targets were governmental bureaucrats who liked to treat other people as numbers or as just so many holes punched in a piece of card. Described by some as a "gentle anarchist", and very concerned about the effect of human beings on the ecology of planet earth, Spike was actively involved with Green Peace and animal rights since the 1960s.

Another issue close to Spike's heart was environmental noise. Probably as a result of shellshock during WW2, he was more sensitive to noise than most, and it seemed to get worse as he got older. His move from the cacophony of London to rural Sussex, near the coastal town of Rye, was therefore due more to necessity than choice. In one interview he said he sympathized totally with people who feel they are being driven over the edge by blaring televisions, hi-fi's, and barking dogs. The same interviewer finished by noting that Spike's "living room window commands an inspiring view of quiet, still flat fields, and the only sounds to be heard are our own voices."

Turned down for a British passport because he would not take the Oath of Allegiance, Spike was nevertheless awarded an honorary Knight of the British Empire (KBE) in recognition of his wide ranging work in radio, television, film, and also the printed word. His nonsense verse, Ning Nang Nong, was voted top comic poem of 1999. A significant part of Spike's work has been aimed at children. Children have a special place in Spike's heart for he regards them as our only hope. Right on, Sir Spike! 

Invited in 1990 to write his own obituary, Spike eagerly accepted the challenge. He started out by saying that by seducing an office girl from the Brisbane Courier Mail, he'd already gotten a look at his! He claims the obituary they had on file (in case of dire need) read, "Spike Milligan was born Terence Alan Milligan on the 16th April 1918 in a hospital in Ahmadnagar, India. When he grew up he wrote the Goon Show and died." Spike's very amusing, self-written obituary (which used the phrase, "wrote the Goon Show and died" at least eight times, was published in its entirety in the Sunday Correspondent newspaper in July 1990. It finished with, "Hobbies: writing Goon Shows and dying." Twelve years later, after living long enough to prevent Harry Secombe singing at his funeral, Spike died, and his publicity-stunt obituary was (re)printed, only this time for real, in the Evening Standard, Wed., 27 Feb, 2002.  

Spike played a 'Pakistani Dalek' (script and picture) in his 1975 Q6 spoof of the BBC television series, Doctor Who. This skit is included in the 1983 BBC special edition video documentary entitled Doctor Who: More Than Thirty Years in the Tardis

Actor Filmography:
Wild About Harry: A Tribute to Sir Harry Secombe (2001) (TV) ...himself 
"Gormenghast" (2000) (TV miniseries) ...cameo appearances as aging headmaster De'ath. (For some unknown reason Deadyawn in Mervyn Peake's trilogy was renamed De'ath in the BBCtv miniseries). (Eric Sykes, who co-wrote with Spike Milligan most of the 5th series Goon Shows, also makes a cameo appearance).
The Nearly Complete and Utter History of Everything (1999) (TV) ...himself 
The Comedy Trail: A Shaggy Dog Story (1999) (TV) ...himself 
A Royal Birthday Celebration (1998) (TV) ...himself 
Spike (1996) (TV) ...himself/interviewee 
"Wolves, Witches and Giants" (1995) (TV Series) (voice) ...narrator 
The Big Freeze (1993) (silent) ...Der Schauspieler. (Written and directed by Eric Sykes)
Doctor Who: Thirty Years in the Tardis
(1993) (TV) ...Pakistani Dalek 
  ...aka Doctor Who: More Than Thirty Years In the Tardis (1993) (TV) (UK: video title)
Mr. H Is Late (1987) (TV) ...roadsweeper 
Group Madness (1983) ...himself  (apparently a documentary on the making of Yellowbeard)
Yellowbeard (1983) ...flunkie
"There's a Lot of it About"
(1982) (TV Series) ...himself/various characters 
History of the World: Part I (1981) ...Milligan plays a man, Monsieur Rimbaud, locked up in the Bastille
"Q9" (1980) (TV series) ...various roles
...aka "Quinine" (1980)
Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979) ...cameo appearance speaking to a religious crowd
  ...aka Life of Brian (1979) (USA) 
"Q8" (1979) (TV series) ...various roles
...aka "Kuwait" (1979)
"Q7" (1978) (TV series) ...various roles

The Hound of the Baskervilles
(1978) ...policeman
Dot and the Kangaroo (1977) (voice) ...Mr. Platypus 
To See Such Fun (1977) Himself  (Comedy compilation film)
Last Remake of Beau Geste (1977) ...Crumble the butler
Barney (1976) ...Hawker
  ...aka Lost in the Wild (1976) (USA) 
"Q6" (1975) (TV series) ...various roles
The Great McGonagall
. (1974) ...William McGonagall (Scotland's worst poet). (Also features Peter Sellers playing Queen Victoria)
Ghost in the Noonday Sun (1974) ...Bill Bombay. (Also features Peter Sellers as Dick Scratcher). Unreleased. Issued on home video in 1980s.
Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World (1973) ...Dr. Harz. (Directed by Joe McGrath) 
Man About the House (1974) ...Himself 
Ghost in the Noonday Sun (1973) ...Bombay 
The Three Musketeers (1973) ...M. Bonancieux (Directed by Richard Lester)
  ...aka Los Tres mosqueteros (1973) (Spain) 
The Cherry Picker (1972) (92 mins, colour) ...Mr. Lal
"A Milligan for all Seasons"
(1972) (TV Series)
"The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine"
(1972) (TV Series) 
Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall (1972) ...Spike makes an appearance as Leo Milligan, his father
The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972) ...landlord 
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972) ...gryphon 
Rentadick (1972) ...customs officer 
The Last Goon Show of All (1972) (TV) ...himself/Count Moriarty/Eccles/Little Jim/Minnie Bannister 
  ...aka The Last Goon Show (1972) (TV) (UK: abbreviated title) 
The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins (1971) ...a mainly silent Tramp in the "Sloth" segment. (Also features Harry Secombe as Stanley in the "Envy" segment) 
'Wiltons' - The Handsomest Hall in Town (1970) (TV) ...E.W. Mackney 
Oh In Colour (1970) (TV)
The Undertakers (1969) (short) ???Not verified
"Curry and Chips"
(1969) (TV series) ...Kevin O'Grady
"Q5" (1969) (TV series) ...various roles
[4 of the 7 episodes have been wiped; 2 exist only in b/w]
"The World Of Beachcomber" (1968-69) (TV series)
The Bed Sitting Room (1969) ...Mate (Also features Harry Secombe. Directed by Richard Lester) ***1/2
The Magic Christian (1969) ...cameo as Traffic Warden 27, "Let that be a lesson to you!". (Also features Peter Sellers and Ringo Star)
Fish and Milligan (1966) (short) ...fisherman
"Milligan's Wake"
(1964-65) (TV series)
"Milligan at Large" (1964) (TV series)
"The Telegoons" (1963) (TV puppet series, 26 episodes) (voice) Moriarty, Minnie Bannister, Eccles. (Also features the voices of Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers).
Postman's Knock (1961) postman Harold Petts
Invasion Quartet (1961) ...Godfrey Pringle
Spike Milligan on Treasure Island WC2 (Milligan at Large) (1961)
Spike Milligan Meets Joe Brown
(Milligan at Large) (1961) (short) ...(voice)
What a Whopper! (1961) ...tramp
Suspect (1960) ...Arthur
  ...aka The Risk (1960) (USA)
Watch Your Stern (1960) ...dockyard matey. (Based on the "Carry On" series)
  ...aka What a Carry On: Watch Your Stern (1994) (UK: video box title)
Portrait of a Goon (1959) (TV)
The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film (1959) (Short) ...camper (Also features Peter Sellers, Graham Stark, and others. See History and Bibliography pages for more information)
"Son Of Fred" (1956) (TV series) ...various roles
"A Show Called Fred" (1956) (TV series) ...various characters
"The Idiot Weekly, Price 2d" (1956) (TV series) ...various characters (Also featured Peter Sellers)
The Case of the Mukkinese Battle Horn (1956) (Short) ...Milligan plays several roles: Detective Sergeant Brown, J. Smith [essentially Eccles], Minnie Bannister [present in voice only], Catchpole Burkington. (Also features Peter Sellers, Dick Emery, Pamela Thomas, and others. See History and Bibliography pages for more information)
Super Secret Service (1953)
Down Among the Z Men
(1952) ...Private Eccles (Also features Harry Secombe, Michael Bentine, Peter Sellers and Carol Carr. See F.A.Q.s and Bibliography pages for more information)
  ...aka The Goon Show Movie (1952) (video title)
  ...aka The Goon Movie (1952)
  ...aka Stand Easy (1952)
London Entertains (1951) 
Let's Go Crazy (1951) ...Eccles/waiter [The first (and rather amateurish) attempt at putting the Goons on film]
Penny Points to Paradise (1951) ...Spike Donnelly (Also features Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers).
London Entertains (1951)

Writer Filmography:
Puckoon (2001) (screenplay by Terence Ryan was based on Spike's novel)
The Two Ronnies at the Movies (1999) (TV) 
"There's a Lot of it About" (1982) (TV series) 
"Q9" (1980) (TV series)
(1979) (TV series)
"Q7" (1978) (TV series)
"Q6" (1975) (TV series)
The Great McGonagall
(1974) (co-written and directed by Joseph McGrath)
Ghost in the Noonday Sun (1973) 
Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall (1972) (also book) 
Milligan in Autumn (1972) Billed as, "An entertainment with words and music."
The Last Goon Show of All
(1972) (TV) 
...aka The Last Goon Show (1972) (TV) (UK: abbreviated title) 
"Six Dates with Barker" (1971) (TV series) Writer 
"The Two Ronnies" (1971) (TV series) (serial: The Phantom Raspberry Blower) 
The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins (1971) Screenplay ("Sloth" segment) 
"Q5" (1969) (TV series)
The Bed Sitting Room (1969, 90 min) Mate. (Based on play written by John Antrobus and Milligan)
"The Telegoons" (1963) (TV puppet series) Wrote or co-wrote the original Goon Show scripts, which were rewritten by Maurice Wiltshire for the TV series.
The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film (1959) (Co-writer with Richard Lester, Peter Sellers, Mario Fabrizi)
"Idiot Weekly, Price 2d" (1956) (TV series) Writer (Eric Sykes, who co-wrote with Spike Milligan most of the 5th series Goon Shows, was co-writer).
"A Show Called Fred" (1956) (TV series) 
"Son of Fred" (1956) (TV series) 
The Case of the Mukkinese Battle Horn (1956) 
Down Among the 'Z' Men (1952) 
...aka The Goon Movie (1952)
...aka The Goon Show Movie (1952) (video title)
...aka Stand Easy (1952) 
Let's Go Crazy (1951)

Composer Filmography:
"Q5" (1969) (TV Series) (theme "The Q5 Piano Theme") 
  ...aka "Q6" (1975) (new title)
  ...aka "Q7" (1978) (new title)
  ...aka "Q8" (1979) (new title)
  ...aka "Q9" (1980) (new title)
  ...where all five seasons are known collectively as the "Q" series.

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
"Room 101" (1994) (episode #4, series 3, 1999/06/08) ...himself  [episode devoted to Spike]
"Everyman" (1999) (episode: "The Trouble with Harry", 1999) ...himself  
"Heroes of Comedy" (1997) (episode: "The Goons", 1997) ...himself plus archive footage
"Clive Anderson Talks Back" (1989) (episode #10, series 10, 1995/01/12) ...himself 
"Wham! Bam! Strawberry Jam!" (1995) (TV series) (30 mins, 6 episodes, episode #1, series 4, 1995/03/18) ...himself
"Have I Got News for You"
(1990) (episode #9, series 8, 1995) ...himself
"Through the Keyhole" (1983) (episode in 1987) ...himself 
"Wogan" (1982) ...himself 
"The Muppet Show" (1976) (episode #3, series 17, 1978) ...himself
"Till Death Us Do Part" (1965) (3 appearances starting in 1972) ...Pakistani Man /Indian Train Passenger
"Parkinson" (1971) ...himself 
"Not Only... But Also" (1965) (episode: "Christmas Special" 1966/12/26) 'Poets Cornered' 
"Hancock's Half Hour" (1956) (episode #1, series 5, "The Radio Show" 1956/08/31) 

Goons Night (2001) [50th anniversary tribute, but no Spike!]
Spike at 80 (1998)
Poetry Please (1996)
The Skivers (1995) [guest appearance]
Fleas, Knees & Hidden Elephants (1995)
The Box of Delights (1995) [Spike was one of the cast]
Turns of the Century (199?) [one episode about Spike]
Flywheel Shyster & Flywheel (1992)
The Humdrum History of the Helmet (1992)
At Last the Go On Show (1991) [40th anniversary tribute, featuring Spike]
The Milligan Papers (1987)
A Sound of Goons (198?) [documentary by John Browell, featuring Spike]
I like Spike (1979) [tribute show with pre-recorded bits by Spike]
Pause for Thought (1975) [series of interviews with Spike]
Plain Tales from the Raj (1975) [Spike contributed to two of these programmes on India]
Spike Milligan in Everything (1973)
The Last Goon Show of All (1972)
Milligna or your Favourite Spike (1972-3)
What the Dickens? (1970)
The Army Show (1965) (script) performer too? (Produced by Charles Chilton)
The Naughty Navy Show (1965)
Forces Gala Night (1964)
The GPO Show (1964)
The Omar Khayyam Show (1963-4)
Idiots Weekly (1958-9, 1962) (ABC) (3 series)
The Reason Why
The Listening Room (1955)
Archie in Goonland (1954)
The Starlings (1954)
100th Boat Race (1954)
Christmas Crackers (1953)
Bumblethorpe (1951)
Cinderella (1951)
The Goon Show (1951-60)
Hip Hip Hoo Roy (1949)
The Bowery Bar (1949)
Opportunity Knocks (1949)
Listen My Children (1948) (Robert Beatty claims Spike was in this, though the records
make no mention of him - may have been its follow-up, Third Division from 1949)

Wuthering Heights According to Spike Milligan
D H Lawrence's John Thomas and Lady Jane According to Spike Milligan (1995)
Fleas, Knees and Hidden Elephants (1995) (poetry)
Lady Chatterly's Lover According to Spike Milligan (1994)
Depression and How to Survive It (1993) (with A Clare)
Hidden Words (1993) (poetry)
The Bible According to Spike Milligan (1993)
Condensed Animals (1991)
Dear Robert, Dear Spike (1991)
Peacework (1991) (autobiography)
It Ends With Magic (1990)
Spike Milligan, A Celebration (1988)
McGonagall Meets George Gershwin (1988)
Milligan's War (1988)
The Lost Goon Shows (1987)
The Mirror Running (1987) (poetry)
Startling Verse for all the Family (1987) (poetry)
The Looney: an Irish fantasy (1987)
Goodbye Soldier (1986)
Floored Masterpieces with Worse Verse (1985)
Spike Milligan's Further Transports of Delight (1985)
Where Have all the Bullets Gone? (1985) (autobiography)
More Goon Cartoons (1983)
The Melting Pot (1983)
There's A Lot Of It About (1983)
More Goon Cartoons (1983) (illustrated by Pete Clark)
The Goon Cartoons
(1982) (illustrated by Pete Clark)
The 101 Best and Only Limericks of Spike Milligan (1982)
Sir Nobonk and the Terrible, Awful, Dreadful, Naughty, Nasty Dragon (1982)
Unspun Socks from a Chicken's Laundry (1981)
Indefinite Articles and Scunthorpe (1981)
Get in the Q Annual (1980)
The Q Annual (1979)
The Spike Milligan Letters (1979) (edited by Norma Farnes)
Mussolini: His Part in My Downfall (1978)
Open Heart University (1978)
Goblins (1978)
Monty: His Part in My Victory (1976)
William McGonagall: the truth at last (1976) (with Jack Hobbs)
Dip the Puppy (1975)
The Milligan Book of Records, Games, Cartoons and Commercials (1975)
The Great McGonagall Scrapbook (1975) (with Jack Hobbs)
Transports of Delight (1975)
Badjelly the Witch (1973) (also available on Polygram, N.Z. CD 5578782)
Rommel? Gunner Who? (1973)
More Goon Show Scripts (1973)
The Goon Show Scripts (1972)
Small Dreams of a Scorpion (1972)
Milligan's Ark (1971)
Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall (1971)
The Bald Twit Lion (1970)
The Bed-Sitting Room (1969) (play) (with John Antrobus)
Milliganimals (1968)
The Bedside Milligan (1968)
The Little Pot Boiler (1965)
A Book of Bits or a Bit of a Book (1965)
Puckoon (1963)
Silly Verse for Kids (1963)
A Dustbin of Milligan (1961)

Vinyl Records/Audio Cassette
(not including releases of Goon Show episodes)
2000 - Children's Treasury of Milligan AC [tape accompanying paperback of book]
1996 - Wolf Tales / Witch Tales / Giant Tales AC [3 tapes from TV cartoon series]
1994 - Bible according to Spike Milligan AC
1991-95 Readings of war memoirs AC
1984 - Wolves Witches & Giants LP
1982 - Unspun Socks from a Chickens Laundry LP
1981 - William McGonagall - The Truth at Last LP
1981 - Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall LP
1980 - Puckoon LP
1979 - Cavalcade of London Theatre LP [anthology including Spike doing poetry]
1979 - One Sunny Day/Woe is Me [from Q8 LP]
1979 - Sing Songs from Q8 LP
1978 - Goons Classics AC Polygram 820 646 4
1978 - Raspberry Song/Rhymes [from World of Goons LP]
1978 - The World of the Goons LP Decca SPA 569 (also AC KCSP 569)
1976 - Snow Goose/Goose Walk [from Snow Goose LP]
1976 - The Snow Goose LP
1976 - Remember you're a Womble/German version [Spike & Sellers]
1974 - Live at Cambridge LP
1974 - Ning Nang Nong/Silly Old Baboon [from Badjelly LP]
1974 - Badjelly the Witch LP
1974 - Treasure Island LP [from Mermaid Theatre production]
1974 - He's Innocent of Watergate LP
1974 - Wormwood Scrubs Tango/Little Gray Hole in Vest
1973 - The World of Children LP [anthology including Spike]
1972 - Alice soundtrack LP
1972 - Girl on a Pony/Old Man's Protest Song
1971 - A Record Load of Rubbish LP [from Radio London broadcast 1970, including Spike]
1969 - No one's Gonna Change our World LP [Spike and others]
1968 - World of Beachcomber LP
1969 - The World of British Comedy LP Decca SPA.39 [anthology including Spike]
1969 - Q5 Piano Tune/Ning Nang Nong
1966 - Purple Aeroplane/Nothing at All
1966 - Tower Bridge/Silent Night
1965 - Muses with Milligan LP
1965 - Rhymes & Rhythm LP [children's anthology including Spike]
1964 - The Goons 7" EP Decca DFE 6396 (Australia)
1964 - The Goons: Unchained Melodies 10" LP Decca LF 1332
1964 - Best of Milligan's Wake LP
1964 - How to Win an Election LP
1962 - Bridge on the River Wye LP
1962 - Postman's Knock theme/Wormwood Scrubs Tango
1961 - I'm walking out with a Mountain/Sewers of the Strand [from Milligan Preserved]
1961 - Milligan Preserved LP
1960 - Olympic Team/Epilogue
1958 - Will I Find My Love/Wish I Knew 78 RPM
1956 - My September Love/You Gotta go Oww! 78 RPM
1956 - 7 Goon singles 78 RPM

TELEVISION (Sorry, I don't remember who compiled the following list:)
[Does not include chat shows and documentaries unless the whole programme was devoted to Spike]
2002 - Heroes of Comedy [episode devoted to Spike]
2000 - Badjelly the Witch
1999 - The Nearly Complete & Utter History of Britain [Spike had cameo as Nelson]
1999 - BBC Comedy trailer [Spike one of many in Ronnie Corbett-like shaggy dog stories]
1999 - My Favourite Hymns [episode devoted to Spike]
1998 - Spike Night [3 programmes devoted to Spike]
1996 - Omnibus [documentary about Spike]
1996 - Takin' Over the Asylum [Spike made guest appearance as himself]
1996 - An Evening with Spike Milligan
1996 - The Great Bong [Spike voiced one of the characters in this puppet show]
1995 - SPIKE ( video)
1995 - This is Your Life [episode devoted to Spike]
1995 - One Foot in the Past [on the Elfin Oak]
1994 - Noel's House Party [Spike did idiot scout routine]
1994 - Comedy Awards [Spike receives Lifetime achievement]
1993 - Comedy Awards [Spike presented Eric with Lifetime Achievement award]
1992 - Saturday Zoo [Spike performed vicar monologue]
1992 - The Obituary Show [episode devoted to Spike]
1992 - World in Action [on noise pollution]
1992 - The Dazzling Image [guest presenter on one episode of this showcase for abstract films]
1991 - Tonight with Jonathan Ross [whole episode devoted to interview with Spike]
1991 - Them & Us [on muzak]
199? - [Spike did a mime version of Yesterday on a Channel 4 Karaoke show]
199? - Plunder [episode devoted to Spike]
198? - The Sooty Show [Spike makes guest appearance]
1988 - Mr H is Late [Spike guests in Eric's silent comedy]
1987 - Parkinson One-to-One [episode devoted to Spike]
1986 - Pob's Programme [Spike made at least one guest appearance]
1986 - Spike [C4 tribute show]
1985-7 Supergran [Spike made guest appearance]
1985 - The Jewel in the Crown [pilot by Johnny Speight starring Spike and Eric; never broadcast]
1985 - The Last Laugh Before TV-am [one-off C4 show written by Spike & Antrobus]
1983 - Spotlight [follow-up to Old Boy Network, one show featured Spike]
1979 - Jackanory (Help I'm a Prisoner...)
1979 - [programme about WRVS]
1979 - Milligan's Ark [children's series for Anglia]
1977-84 The Marti Caine Show [Spike made guest appearance]
1977 - The Best of British [perhaps the compilation Best of British Comedy?]
1976 - Two Ronnies (Phantom Raspberry Blower...)
1975-7 The Punch Review [series based on Punch, with new gags by Spike and others]
1975 - Face your Image [interview programme]
1975 - The Melting Pot (only one episode broadcast)
197? - One Pair of Eyes
197? - Where Do I Sit? [Spike on Peter Cook's ill-fated chat show]
1974 - This Day Tonight [Spike compered one episode of this Australian show]
1974 - The Last Turkey in the Shop Show
1974 - Sing a Song of Secombe [music show included pre-rec Goon sketches with Spike & Sellers]
1973 - Milligan & Melly (radio 1976?)
1973 - This is Your Life [episode devoted to Spike]
1972-3 - Milligan in Autumn / Winter / Spring / Summer (A Milligan for all Seasons?)
1972 - Festival of Entertainment [Goons reunited again to present his BBC1 variety show]
1972 - The Last Goon Show of All
1972 - Follies of the Wise [comedy travelogue on follies, starring but not written by Spike]
1972 - Carry On Spike in Australia
1972 - Spike Milligan Takes a Made-Up Look at Australia
1971-2 The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine [ITV series, Spike wrote and appeared]
1971 - An Apple a Day [one-off sitcom by Antrobus starring Pete & Dud and Spike]
1971 - Six Dates with Barker [2nd episode features original version of Phantom Raspberry Blower]
1970 - Wilton's [one-off written by Jimmy Perry and co-starring Spike]
1970 - Cucumber Castle [musical comedy with Bee Gees; guest appearance by Spike]
1970 - Up the Polls [one-off election night special combining Till Death and Curry & Chips]
1970 - The Other Spike [documentary]
1968-9 World of Beachcomber
1968 - The Goon Show (Tales of Men's Shirts)
1967 - Spike Milligan's Sad/Happy Ending Story of the Bald Twit Lion
1967 - [ABC programme to raise funds for restoration of Red Cow building]
1966 - Secombe & Friends (Whistling Spy Enigma)
1964-5 - Muses with Milligan [began Xmas Day 1964; mixture of poetry and jazz on BBC2]
1964-5 - Milligan's Wake [ATV]
1963 - The Best of Fred (compilation of Fred shows)
1962 - The Spike Milligan Show [shown in Australia - the same as the above?]
1961 - Spike Milligan (A Series of Unrelated Incidents...) [BBC]
1960 - Sykes [Spike wrote two episodes of the 2nd series]
1959 - Portrait of a Goon [Ken Russell documentary about Spike]
1958 - The Gladys Half Hour [Australian special]
1957 - Man And Music [one-off sketch show written by and starring Spike]
1956-61 Alfred Marks Time [Spike made at least one guest appearance]
1956 - Christmas Cracker [Spike guested on this one-off special starring Tessie O'Shea]
1956 - Off the Record [music show; Spike & Sellers appear miming to Ying Tong Song]
1955 - Secombe Here! [written by Grafton, Spike & Eric; Spike appeared in 2 of the 3]
1954 - Right at the Top [?]
1953 - The Frankie Howerd Show [one-off written by Spike & Eric]
1952 - Don't Spare the Horses [Goons guested on this Jimmy James variety show]
1952 - Goonreel
1947/8 - various appearances with Bill Hall Trio

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